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Okay so today i was up bright and early aka 6:15 to go to the Taj Mahal. I made the quick walk down the street to the gate entrance and then quickly with anticipation the 1km up the road. I happen to pass this cute little monkey sitting on a bench like a person and was like I need a picture of him! But upon closer inspection I seen that he was infact giving himself a hand job..at that moment I knew we really did come from monkeys and no if fact men havent changed much. lol


This is the first gate you must go through, of course to build up your excitment.







So there are 3 entrances to the Taj Mahal meaning there are 3 exits as well. In my daze of seeing everything I went out the wrong one....
It turns out that getting lost was actually good. When I got back to the wrong exit I came out of I had to talk to the gaurd for a good 5 minutes trying to explain that I didnt want to go see the Taj Mahal again but that I jsut wanted to go out the right exit so I could get back to my hotel! He kept say one entry per ticket and I kept say but I just need to go through!! haha finally I made it through and was hotel bound.




Okay so cute little monkeys playing in the water right..not. I take this picture and 30seconds later the one in the middle is charging at me!!

After the taj Mahal and breakfast I went to see it from the back across the river a cool view quite. I then had slow cups of chai tea with the locals while waiting for my camera battery to charge.
Then after a few stops it was off to the train station..my 30 hour train ride was suppose to be nice and quick.



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Today we were off the Agra land of the great Taj Mahal.
Last night my driver of so kindly and drunkly decided he was sick of answering questions about my tattoo and made a fix to it;

I stopped at a resturant half way there that was suppose to be really good to match the expensive price tag but I was massively disappointed. When I say expensive I mean it it was 1000 rupees aka $22.22, usually you can get a good lunch or dinner for 100-250rupees aka $2.20-5.50. And this food was disgusting!! its not that my standereds have gone way up it just that this food was gross. the rice was soggy the dalh flavorless. needless to say I was mad.




We stopped at another summer palace of a king this one not as grand but still cool. There we a bunch of statue and carvings that had been ripped out of the temple down the road, that had been placed here for display.






The drive was long and we made one other stop before we got there. This was yes you guessed it another fort, and believe it or not all these forts look different. Fatehpur Sikri, is where I was, I hired a guide this time and he was worth the 100rupees.





So I see all the time these vehicles full of people like a rickshaw with 14 people or cars and trucks with so many you cant count them but I never am fast enough to get a picture of it, so this is the best one I got.

This dang traffic jam actually got us stopped for a good 5 minutes..weird for india mostly they figure it out right away.

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Get me the hell out of Delhi

all seasons in one day 31 °C

So today I need to leave Delhi and fast. It is a city that can swollow you up. It's expensive and the people treat you like your a pile of cash. I ended up hiring a car and going off to Jaipur, Agra then down to Goa. I wish that I had gone to Jaipur of my way back up and out of Delhi. There was so many thing to buy!! and factory's of different sorts.
who ever thought I was undemestic (like myself) can think again!! I have succesfully washed my clothes in a sink, and a bucket and then made a makeshift hanging line to dry them. Thank you floss for not letting me down.

Thanks Alyssa for the sleep sheet cause this little guy wanted to join me in bed last night


This is the palace of winds, the queens sat in there to see parades and such but couldnt be seen from outside



This is a king's summer house. he made it so people couldnt disturbe him and keep cool using the water through the walls.


Then it was off to Amber fort!

It was huge and grand. I happily got lost for 2.5 hours wondering and avoiding people following me trying to take pictures.096.jpg


This room was decorated in thousands of little mirrors.




Then I was off to nahargarh Fort aka tiger fort. minus the tigers. lol







Then it was time for a late lunch, which was delicous. But it went from being sunny and hot to this;
in a matter of a minute.

I went to some factories and was show how to make a few things, then went to the city palace, which was my faviorate of the day. It was beautiful and had so much detail, it was also quite and peaceful







Then we had beer back to the hotel and Vinod (my driver) cousin came over and was try to get me drunk...lol we went to go get more beer and hes like put your hand here (in his) i was like "....why?.." "because I want you to" "yeah I dont think so..haha..sorry, but this beer is good thanks" "awkward silence"

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Delhi bound

sunny 25 °C

Today was the day we had to go back to Delhi, so just for referance sake that is a 11 hour drive..
on the plus side it was cool to start the drive off.

My hena a few days after I got it.

We nicely got a ticket on our way down and the awesome part is with all the corruption in the goverment you just give them so cash and go on about your day


Then we dropped off Boozey as I call him. I forget his name and he drank a whole lot. and never got drunk lol

I forgot to mention that I went to a bollywood movie the other day, and it was hilarious! I went to and older theater and so there as the yelling at the screen hooting and hollering. then there was the acting it was so over dramatic and big. I loved it!

Also as for my tattoo. I knew the Ganesh is a hindi god but I failed to realize that the feet are considered dirty in india. So everytime people see it they stare say things in hindi, glare and sometimes say things to me. It is the festival for lord Ganesh for 12 days as well right now so people become extra annoyed. This would be why I changed my route and didnt go down to mumbai.

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Shimla is BEAUTIFUL. its cool like Chilliwack air just what I needed. I had breakfast of coffee and toast with jam and it was perfect! The coffee may have even been vanhout and I didnt care! we walked around and I took some pictures. I was just happy to be standing there looking at the view.





we spent the day walking around using the internet and visiting the drivers family which of course ment eating more! they always comment on the fact I didnt eat alot but everyone is feeding me! and Im not used to all the spicy food I am trying to avoid a bad situation! the next day I again had coffee and toast a savord the last moments of cool air and homey feel until we left for the 11 hour drive back to delhi.


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