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semi-overcast 31 °C

So I woke up in a layer of sweat, I have not mentioned the weather so far but I dont think I have ever sweated so much in my life! It is hot and humid and even in AC you still sweat. We had breakfast and walked around the village, Then it was a day of sites, we went to a rose garden that wasnt even worth any photos. Then we went to a rock garden and it was super cool.




We then went to a lake and paddeled around on it for a while. After dinner I checked into a hotel with AC,

The next morning I went back to AJay family home and his sisters and cousins did hena on my hands and arms. For those of you who dont know Hena takes 2 hours to dry and that means you cant touch anything.. with me hands in the air for two hours I couldnt even whipe the sweat off my face!



After that we were on our way to Shimla. This was a long drive up a very bumpy road!! but it was such a realife to feel cold!!

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Sites and in Transit

27 °C

So today I was going to meet up with AJay agian and check out some sites. We started off with breakfast that goodness he was there to order for me! I had no idea what anything was. We then got a rickshaw and went to the Indian gate memorial site. which was huge! After that we went down the road to the parliment buildings which got bomb a few days ago. They were really cool to apparently the biggest in the world :s





Then we went to lunch and decided to go to his family house in Chandigarh, which was 5 hours away. We hired a car and driver and were off. We got in late that night but his family was so nice and tried to force us to eat, I am to learn that is a comman incurance in india. We talked with everyone for a while, and by that I mean he talked they stared at me and we all laughed alot, then we went to bed. That wasnt before I had to use the washroom though and what a process that is..

To say the least the bathrooms are DISGUSTING, and take some getting used to. But everyone that knows me will be happy to know I use the bathroom a LOT less. Probably because of the heat and less water I drink but it is good t

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Day one

overcast 27 °C

So today started off nicely enough had toast and coffee for breakfast said goodbye to Sabrina and took a taxi to the red fort. Mistake number one...didnt agree on a price before leaving the hotel..so of course I got ripped off. oh well that wasnt going to ruin my good mood. Mistake number two talk to people trying to sell me stuff..a simple no and I was caught. So I buy a little book for 50 rupees (good bargning Stephlynne he wanted 250!) Then there was the process of getting inside. Find the entrance go back and find where to buy the ticket, go back to entrance get through one security check point get to the next have to go back and get rid of my backpack..okay so I really didnt want to leave it and was awkwardly standing there so some guy put my laptop in a locker ( sheesh that was a close one). Finally inside I manage to avoid all the people shouting at me to buy stuff and got some pictures.




I then needed to book a hostel for the tonight and what a proccess that was. I went to two tourist offices and of course they tried to sell me everything but a room for one night. I then said you know what your not getting what I need I am looking for a hostel for one night and you are waisting my time I am going to go eat. haha so I left to find food. This is where I really took a chance a young guy came up to me and said Ill show you somewherre that is really good and locals eat. And so I went with him. The food was good his english was not that good but we managed a simple conversation. He then took me to meet one of his friends..I went inside a shop to wait, this is where I found out having a Genash tattooed on your foot is NOT a good thing, but more on that later. I went to meet this friend of Nicks and it was AJay a nice young guy who turned out to save the day. He said first thing do you have a hotel oh course I stil hadnt managed so he brought me to one and got me a good price for the night. Next thing he said you need new shoes to cover your tattoo. haha so great we were off I felt so much calmer having some one there who knew where we were going and how to talk to people. I got my shoes for one third of the first said price! yay them.



We then went to a day club to have a drink. and it was really cool sorry folks no pictures but they are similar to any club.

The driving in India as you may have heard is kinda crazy, I had read alot about it so I was ready and kinda excited to see how it really was. and I wasn├Ęt let down either. Tons of horns and people everywhere. I smiled and laughed like a little girl when we fit into a space that wasnt there a minute ago.

The night ended with some beers on the roof top patio.

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India bound

rain 30 °C

I made it! all intact.
So Thursady morning everyone came over to say good bye and then we were off the the airport. With mom and Heathes help I found where I needed to go and in a blink of an eye I was off.


This was the longest flight of my life! (and dont point out only one it was long enough to count for a few) I happened to have a young india guy sit by me at first it was fine he harldy spoke english but we tried at a conversation, then 5 hours in he ask "is it okay if i touch you?" I of course pretented not to understand (hahah im sneaky) but when we were watching a movie he told me to hold his hand...hahah I was like um noo... and then that was then end of our chatty freindly flight. lol


The Beijing airport is kinda confusing and I got lost once or twice. Oh also at this point I was starving we had dinner on the plane but it wasnt very filling good thing I bought a package of skittels and mom sugested for me to bring a granola bar, but at last that wasnt enough, me being so bright didnt put money on my visa so I couldnt get food there and continued to suffer until this mornings yummy coffee and toast.


I meet Sabrina on the plane and we decided to share her room, why you may ask, didnt I have a hostel and airport pick arranged...well funny story.... I made it for the wrong day!! so with out a hope of what to do she came to my rescue and I even got a comfy bed!!

When I walked out of the airport it was like walking into a sauna that wont turn off. we were sweating with in a minute Im pretty sure. At the first few wiffs of smell I got I was like oh god but then I realized its just like dads farm!! kinda comforting ;p with a loud and fast drive to our hotel we were out with in minutes.

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7 more sleeps

sunny 18 °C

So there is 7 more sleeps, 6 more days until I leave and things have been moving along.
I rained a couple nights ago and I had to move my tent that I've been staying in (in my moms backyard) onto the porch but today everything was dried out and I got my room back.


I making some of my last purchases and trying not to spend any other money, but thats proving harder then anticipated with an extra week off of work! I have a busy week ahead of me seeing some friends and family before I leave. I am also trying to walk Ausie everyday because soon he wont get any walks from mom and the kids!!


Trying to imagine getting off the plane and out of the airport for the first time is difficult, but its a thought I've had a thousand times. It's a hundered pictures I've looked at, and a 100 stories I've read. But I guess soon it will just be a story some one else has read and a memory to me. Soon cant be soon enough though!

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