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Get me the hell out of Delhi

all seasons in one day 31 °C

So today I need to leave Delhi and fast. It is a city that can swollow you up. It's expensive and the people treat you like your a pile of cash. I ended up hiring a car and going off to Jaipur, Agra then down to Goa. I wish that I had gone to Jaipur of my way back up and out of Delhi. There was so many thing to buy!! and factory's of different sorts.
who ever thought I was undemestic (like myself) can think again!! I have succesfully washed my clothes in a sink, and a bucket and then made a makeshift hanging line to dry them. Thank you floss for not letting me down.

Thanks Alyssa for the sleep sheet cause this little guy wanted to join me in bed last night


This is the palace of winds, the queens sat in there to see parades and such but couldnt be seen from outside



This is a king's summer house. he made it so people couldnt disturbe him and keep cool using the water through the walls.


Then it was off to Amber fort!

It was huge and grand. I happily got lost for 2.5 hours wondering and avoiding people following me trying to take pictures.096.jpg


This room was decorated in thousands of little mirrors.




Then I was off to nahargarh Fort aka tiger fort. minus the tigers. lol







Then it was time for a late lunch, which was delicous. But it went from being sunny and hot to this;
in a matter of a minute.

I went to some factories and was show how to make a few things, then went to the city palace, which was my faviorate of the day. It was beautiful and had so much detail, it was also quite and peaceful







Then we had beer back to the hotel and Vinod (my driver) cousin came over and was try to get me drunk...lol we went to go get more beer and hes like put your hand here (in his) i was like "....why?.." "because I want you to" "yeah I dont think so..haha..sorry, but this beer is good thanks" "awkward silence"

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OMG!!!!!!!! First off your pictures are gorgeous, it's the first time I might have wanted to join you for a day. But mostly so I could kick drunk-y in the face for you. Can you imagine it? I'd stand up take one step back and karate kick him in the mouth. Dirty bugger (That's what one of my residents would have called him. She calls everyone that.) So glad you got to see those things and it's so cool you just hire a car to take you around. Are there a lot of street kids?

by s-a

Didnt you learn anything from watching Sex in the City 2 with me over and over?! You are not to have the forbidden experience! Oh ya that was about knock off watches, but it applies to Indian sausage too!!

The palaces are so interesting i would love to be there with you to explore them! The animals just roaming around and through the people is great. It looks like balance and cohesion with nature instead of trying to master and rule it like were mistakenly think we can.

Nice job with the floss. We need to send it to the floss company!

Just a few tips: A well place kick to the knee will dislocate and cripple some jerk.
A knee or foot in the ribs will break bones- the less stable and easily broken ribs are on the side and at the bottom of the rib cage-this punctures lungs.
The heel of your hand under a jaw bone buys time to take the next shot.
And of course kick him in the balls.
Im just sayin:)

How to win friends and influence people- by Mom

by mommamia

Haha. floss eh? :P oh its so pretty i wish i could have seen them too! And remember just say no!

by Tapes

OMG I love that!! Oh Alyssa I would pay for you to come to watch that. and Mom thanks for the improv lesson, SOO funny. I believe Dennis gave some similar pointers,

by stephlynne

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