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Jodhpur aka Blue city

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So I got to Jodhpur early in the morning off the bus. I was cranky from being sick and getting next to no sleep and the crying babbies didnt help thats for sure. I found a hostel that seemed nice and quiet, now usually I would find one that is bustling or at least has some people around so there is a chance of meeting people but quiet was perfect for me that day. I did happen to meet a french girl and we decided to share a room for the 2 nights she was going to be here. (we even decided to meet up when we are both in Delhi before we leave) The rest of the day consisted of walking around the market and clock tower, finding a "pharmacy" and getting so magic pills for my rash. Dont worry folks I googled them after I took a few and they are fine. the only side affect would be the drowsiness but it works in my favor cause now I have a reason to sleep for 10 hours and still have a nap for 3 hours mid day! We did some sight seeing day 2 inculding sneaking our camera's in beacuse we were sick of paying extra to bring them along when we are already paying 5 times more then locals... doding people in uniform and sneaking pictures away was actually kinda fun. Since then I have been eating (of course) sleeping reading a book and chatting it up with certian family members via internet. Finding somewhere to do my laundry was a large task to undertake, after walking every which way being assured there was laundry that way i found one on my own the only direction I wasnt told to go! after a little negotiation we struck a deal and 30hours later I was allowed to pick up my clothes!

I have gotten a facial and pedicure for underr $20! now I was impressed by the price and the after math of it all but the process was a little different then at home....
it started with my feet in a little bowl they didnt really fit in..then some pouding of my legs and scratching of some 'exfoliating cream'? the rest of the pedicure was relatively smooth with the exception of them not going to change my nail polish...
it was on to the facial. Now for starters I havent had one at home so I dont have much to compare it to other then some movie sence but movies dont lie right?
my face was cleaned, then a moisturizer of some sort put on, okay all normal. then another, then another..okay now this doesnt happen in the movies.. it wasnt just a little moisturizer it was the bottel held upside down and squirted onto my face then rubbed around and left in patches of unabsorbed cream. at some point between the squirting and the pounding of my face to absorb evey drop a finger was shoved into my mouth and liquid dripped in my eye..
after it was all over and my vision came back and head stopped spinning I paid and left my feet didnt stink and my face was soft.

Paying my bill for the hotel was a job in its self. they tried charing me for food I didnt have internet I didnt use and and extra nights room! but after I firmly told him no, and he inquired how long I was in india he agreed.















one of the many super skiny over worked aniamals :(
See they clean up the garbage!


I would just like to point out that if you are short you may not do to well with the stairs in India. for some reason even though most Indian people are short they have the steps like a foot tall. I kid you not some of them for a foot and a half. This is a one Liter water bottel!

and thats all the pictures I can upload right now as the wifi is non existent!

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The pictures are stunning! One wonders at the stories and the lives of the people who lived in all the beautiful buildings. What times these majestic and opulent creations must have seen! Are you feeling better? Enjoy your last week in India; we are looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing the stories. Love, Grandma/pa Geerts

by Dini Geerts

Wow the blue city is stunning! You story about the facial made my eyes tear from laughing! I have had a facial and there was no finger-in-mouth step! Dont know what was going on there??!!

by mommamia

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