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Jodhpur aka Blue city

sunny 28 °C

So I got to Jodhpur early in the morning off the bus. I was cranky from being sick and getting next to no sleep and the crying babbies didnt help thats for sure. I found a hostel that seemed nice and quiet, now usually I would find one that is bustling or at least has some people around so there is a chance of meeting people but quiet was perfect for me that day. I did happen to meet a french girl and we decided to share a room for the 2 nights she was going to be here. (we even decided to meet up when we are both in Delhi before we leave) The rest of the day consisted of walking around the market and clock tower, finding a "pharmacy" and getting so magic pills for my rash. Dont worry folks I googled them after I took a few and they are fine. the only side affect would be the drowsiness but it works in my favor cause now I have a reason to sleep for 10 hours and still have a nap for 3 hours mid day! We did some sight seeing day 2 inculding sneaking our camera's in beacuse we were sick of paying extra to bring them along when we are already paying 5 times more then locals... doding people in uniform and sneaking pictures away was actually kinda fun. Since then I have been eating (of course) sleeping reading a book and chatting it up with certian family members via internet. Finding somewhere to do my laundry was a large task to undertake, after walking every which way being assured there was laundry that way i found one on my own the only direction I wasnt told to go! after a little negotiation we struck a deal and 30hours later I was allowed to pick up my clothes!

I have gotten a facial and pedicure for underr $20! now I was impressed by the price and the after math of it all but the process was a little different then at home....
it started with my feet in a little bowl they didnt really fit in..then some pouding of my legs and scratching of some 'exfoliating cream'? the rest of the pedicure was relatively smooth with the exception of them not going to change my nail polish...
it was on to the facial. Now for starters I havent had one at home so I dont have much to compare it to other then some movie sence but movies dont lie right?
my face was cleaned, then a moisturizer of some sort put on, okay all normal. then another, then another..okay now this doesnt happen in the movies.. it wasnt just a little moisturizer it was the bottel held upside down and squirted onto my face then rubbed around and left in patches of unabsorbed cream. at some point between the squirting and the pounding of my face to absorb evey drop a finger was shoved into my mouth and liquid dripped in my eye..
after it was all over and my vision came back and head stopped spinning I paid and left my feet didnt stink and my face was soft.

Paying my bill for the hotel was a job in its self. they tried charing me for food I didnt have internet I didnt use and and extra nights room! but after I firmly told him no, and he inquired how long I was in india he agreed.















one of the many super skiny over worked aniamals :(
See they clean up the garbage!


I would just like to point out that if you are short you may not do to well with the stairs in India. for some reason even though most Indian people are short they have the steps like a foot tall. I kid you not some of them for a foot and a half. This is a one Liter water bottel!

and thats all the pictures I can upload right now as the wifi is non existent!

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sunny 28 °C

Udiapur, Udaipur. The romance city..
Since I was alone it wasnt so romantic.
And the rash and bad cough I developed didn't help my grumpiness in meeting people. But over all I really liked, narrow street going up and down, hidden paths and doors,
I walked around, shopped(maybe to much?), read a book, took a cooking class, ate samosa's from the same man everyday, had Iced coffee(coffee with lots of icecream in it) watched a festival celebration, and drank some over priced beer( how dare the charge me $3.20 for a beer!!). ate some more awesome street food, got charged and almost nocked over by a cow..


Mom- a Tuk Tuk or Rikshaw







Same beer that I usually pay $2 for.

Giant marsion bug I found in my room..aparently harmless....

start of my killer rash.




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overcast 29 °C

SO the bus to Mumbai was not as bad as I thought. I (with help) discovered Cafe Coffee day(india's sad attempt at starbucks) But I had coffee that tasted like coffee!! not watery powder! Then it was another 2 hours till we got there and a young India girl insisted on showing us all her photo's on her phone...there were hundereds..

This was my first impression of Mumbai




We picked oUr hotel..why we decided to stay somewhere 4 flights up I dont know but everytime we wanted to go grab something or to rest for a while it was up 100 steps.
While I lay on the bed unpacking these are the damn wires that zapped me in the head..

When I went to ask someone to tape them so they couldn't shock us they laughed and looked at me like I was crazy...

After some showers and sorting a few things out we were on the mission of finding food!!
We went to a cafe and I had the best breakfast I have had in India!! eggs beeny with a cappuccino and chocolate cake!! expensive for India but the best 350 rupess spent for breaky!!



We decided to walk to the Gateway to India (which we could see from out hotel) and decided it was pretty over rated.. that also goes for elephanta island. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. there are many way better caves in india and the 250ruppess you have to pay compared to the 50 the locals pay is very dumb.






This monkey deffinatly got beat up..

Do you see this wonderful skyline?? and the pollution covering it? Well you can thank it for me and my chest infection..

The next day it was off to the open aired Landry, beach, and market
After we got the cab driver to agree on a price to take us to the laundry and market, he procceded to pretend not to speak any english to the locals at the laundry and say we agreed on that price to the laundry only and that he wasnt going to take us the to market..

We of course said thats bull@!#* and said we wont pay you that much and take a different cab there then. That seem to make him rethink a little nad only ask for 50 extra rupess forthe rest of the way.




Creepy shagg car with mirrors on the roof and lepord print.




Then we went out for beers at some famous cafe/ restaurant I cant remember the name of, after saying goodbye to our new dutch friend went to bed.

The next day we shopped ate and said goodbye. off to Udaipur for me!

Best coffee flavour dought I've had!!


another bus an ac sleeper this time. The clever drivers turn up the AC really high during the night so you are forced to buy a blanket from them. clever me bought a blanket back in Goa so I didnt have to fall pray to ther plot!
After some minor panick that I didnt make it to the right bus stop I just had to remind myself its Indian time 15minute late is acutally almost early!

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Hampi aka Rock city

sunny 26 °C

Alrigh so still I was MIA a week after that and that was beacuse I was in Hampi another wonderful place.
The south of India is much different then the north. It is laid back, cooler, cleaner, and the people leave you alone a little more. Also its alot cheaper being the off season now people are more in need of your business and are willing to go a little lower in price (yay shopping)
To get to Hampi I took a train and with a little (or lot) of confusion I finally got to my seat. During this ride two Indian mean came and sat down across from me. I was reading a book and listening to music doing a great job of ignoring them trying to talk to me, knowing what would come if I made eye contact. but curiosity did killed the cat just like I got myself into a pickel. I looked up just a glance as I pretended to look out the window and game over, eye contact was made!! deciding not to be super rude I took out one head phone to answer the question and then put it back in. Through out the rest of the ride (4 hours) stupid questions came my way that I tried my best to avoid answering or giving much detail to. But in the end it was to no avail. The question came can I have your number..me pretending not to understand. the other guy chimming in he wants to come to canada with you to live in your town could you get him a job...OF COURSE NOT!! WHY AM I SO NOSEY THAT I HAD TO LOOK AND MAKE EYE CONTACT!! no, but good luck, was my real answer. The last hour of this awfully awkward ride was done with no more questions!

In Hampi met some more people that I hung out with for the 4 days. We went on a day outting to see all the ruins and old temples. Ate alot more, did wonderful yoga on a roof top, made friends with some local resturant owners, bought more stuff that wouldnt fit into my backpack..(I really need to get a new one!) found really cool rock shapes that Im not sure how they are balancing. Apparently the gods balanced them like that and they have never really moved.





This street food was soo good! I dont know what it was called ( I rarely do when I order)

These girls were really annoying and wouldnt leave me alone for half the time I was at these temples, that was until I ninja'ed it and stayed behind a post until they went way ahead of me..hehehe so sneaky)

I went all the way up to the top! but it was black and I was in bare feet so...I stepped in monkey poo.... sooo gross!! luckley I couldnt see It so I couldnt freak out!









Our Sunset spot. my camera deffinatly doesnt do it justice!!

Then it was off to Mumbai
My home for the night. I was lucky to meet a new German friend at the bus stop and we decided right away to share a room and hang out for the 3 days we were there!


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sunny 28 °C

Okay I know everyone is wondering where I went but wireless internet is hard to find in India!!
I have been in goa for the last week and it was wonderful. I wont make you suffer by writing a daily blog because I really didnt do anything!!
I spent hours sitting by the water, ate alot, went on a scooter and didnt die multiple times! Chatted with new friends and slept. I did manage to go to a spice farm, met a sad elephant, and go to a big(but dissapointing) market, a cool ship wreak, and fort on the water.















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